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Four Step Program for a great lawn: Established Lawns

At Distinctive Gardens we provide for you top quality fertilizer products that have been developed and thoroughly tested just for this area with the proper blend of nutrients, special slow release nitrogen delivery systems, full strength active ingredients in our control products and special particle sizes for an even distribution on your lawn. Top professionals and golf courses demand this quality, so should you.

For best results follow our easy schedule below. Remember It is important to use quality products and apply them properly and at the correct time.

Make your lawn the most beautiful it's ever been!
1. Prevent Crabgrass and Spring Feed
2. Remove Broadleaf Weeds, and Feed
3. Rejuvenate Lawn after Summer Stress
 4. Prepare Lawn for Winter and Spring

1. March or April After winter your grass needs fertilizer to replenish the nutrients that were leeched away during the past months. It is also important to apply a long lasting crabgrass preventor. before crabgrass becomes established. For Season long crabgrass prevention we recommend our Spring fertilizer with Dimension Crabgrass preventor.
May or June To maintain your lawn's health it is important to apply a fertilizer with the right slow release proportions of nutrients. If your lawn has sprouted broadleaf weeds such as dandelions now is the time to rid your lawn of them with our fertilizer with Trimec weed killer.
September or October Once that the summer heat is over it is time to start rebuilding your lawn. If broadleaf weeds are a problem apply our balanced fertilizer with Trimec. If weeds are not an issue apply our Early Fall fertilizer with slow release Nutralene to repair the damage the summer has caused.
October or November
This is probably the most important and the most often forgotten application of fertilizer. This application of fertilizer strengthens your lawn for the stress of winter and allows your grass to store energy for the next season without the need for high nitrogen fertilizers in the Spring that can cause excessive top growth.

For special situations such as shade lawns or high traffic lawns our turf professionals
will provide you with a custom schedule.



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