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Lime & Soil pH

  • In order for your grass to be healthy the pH or acidity of your soil must be maintained in a rather narrow range. When the pH of your soil is too far off your grass cannot properly absorb and utilize the nutrients in the soil or applied fertilizers. In our part of the state the soil tends to be too acidic for proper grass growth. Add to this acid rain and the fact that most fertilizers tend to make the soil still more acidic you can see the need for adjustment.
  • Applying lime to your lawn will help neutralize this acidity. The amount of lime to apply depends on the existing soil conditions...the more acidic your soil the more lime you need to add. We have inexpensive soil test kits that you can you to test your lawn at home or we can perform a free soil test for you.
  • As a general rule of thumb 40-50# of lime per 1,000 sq. ft will raise the pH of our soil around one point. Lime is slow acting and can be applied any time of the year.
  • For a fast, clean, even application of lime we recommend our pelletizied lime which can be applied with a rotary spreader just like a fertilizer. No more messy white powder everywhere and having to use a slow old fashion drop spreader.
  • Besides adjusting the pH of your soil lime also supplies calcium and magnesium which is essential for proper grass health.
  • Most grass likes a neutral pH, around 7. Remember that if the pH goes either too acidic or too alkaline your lawn will suffer. When performing a soil test take samples from several areas of your lawn. To find the average pH mix these samples together before testing. Do not take your soil samples right after applying fertilizer as the fertilizer may be acidic and even a small amount of the fertilizer pellet in your sample will give you a result that is too acidic.



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